New Ipod Touch Is More Faster Than Iphone 3G

iPod Touch

Touch Arcade reports that the applications processor inside the second-generation iPod Touch unveiled in September is actually running faster than the processor inside the iPhone 3G, which runs at the same speed that the original iPhone and iPod Touch used. The new iPod Touch's ARM-based processor is running at 532MHz, while the iPhone 3G's processor runs at 412MHz.


Google Mobile App For The iPhone

The new voice-activated Google Mobile app for the iPhone is finally here.

It is freakishly accurate. It's not perfect, but it's extremely good. Good enough to be used frequently,

The service bungled one nearby restaurant, but got everything else right. It uses the phone's location data to narrow down results. Try searching for "sushi" and you'll get your closest sushi restaurants at the top of your search results.

The Google Mobile app gives you its answers in text, which makes for a very quick experience. If your result returns phone numbers, you can dial the phone by clicking on one. But if you're driving in your car and need a quick connection, use Goog411 instead, which is a full voice-in, voice-out experience.

As others have noted, Google Mobile doesn't let you do voice dialing from your own contact list.

To get the app, visit the iTunes Application Store and search for "Google Mobile App."


Obama To Get iPhone Game (Sneak Peak)

Play as Barack Obama as he tries to gain popularity at a rally.

Podiums start to rise from the floor, and you tilt the iPhone to guide Obama to the right spot to gain popularity points. Encouraged by catchy music and quotes from the film, help Barack keep up as the podiums rise faster and faster.

Upcoming release on iPhone App Store will be FREE for a limited time.

Visit www.sadninja.com to see the film in HD 480p / 720p and get more info about this release.

Rock Obama - iPhone Game (SNEAK PEAK)

iPhone With Keyboard

This hack adds a third-party mini-keyboard to the iPhone, effectively turning Cupertino’s darling into a Compaq iPaq circa 2001. Does the iPhone really need a keyboard?

Hmm...looks nice

iPhone version of Opera Mini Rejected

Saul Hansell from New York Times who had interviewed Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, co-founder and CEO of Opera had quoted him saying that the iPhone version of the App Store was rejected by Apple has got some clarifications from Mr. von Tetzchner on the issue.

Therefore, if you were an Opera fan and were hoping for their iPhone app to make it to the App Store, then there is some bad news as Opera has halted the development of their app due to iPhone's SDK agreement.

Apple has previously rejected iPhone Apps like Podcaster because it duplicated the functionality of the Podcast section of iTunes.

Since Opera Mini for other mobile platforms is developed using Java which is not supported on the iPhone, there were speculations that Opera would have to port Opera Mini to C and Objective-C APIs to be able to submit their iPhone app to the App Store. Mr. von Tetzchner has clarified that Opera has a version that runs “native” which does not need a Java environment.

Dilemmas: New iPhone Ad

New iPhone Ad

Apple released a new ad yesterday called Dilemmas. Apple conquers the "age old dilemma" of where to grab a bite to eat -- with an iPhone app of course.

In this ad, the UrbanSpoon [iTunes link] application is demoed. In the closing of the ad, the narrator says, "That's the iPhone; solving dilemmas, one app at a time."

Watch the new iPhone ad: Dilemmas below.

The new dilemmas iPhone ad from Apple

BlackBerry Bold

Another BlackBerry. Bold by name, and Blackberry Bold went on sale yesterday from AT&T!

BlackBerry Bold

The Blackberry Bold's screen is amazing. Crisp, sharp, and bright, the screen even overtakes the quality of Nokia's flagship phone, the N96. Unfortunately, the wonders stop here. The new software delivered with the Blackberry Bold tends to be quite clumsy and silly at times.

For yet to be understood reasons, the Bold's clock application does not support multiple recurrent alarms. Plus, the photo camera and the video camera are two different applications, the latter being buried somewhere deep into the Applications folder. Also, by default, the email and SMS inboxes are different folders. However, Bold's music player is quite good and offers all the functionality one would expect from a modern mobile phone music player.

Send Fake Calls to Your iPhone

iPhone Pictures

Magic Tap has developed an iPhone application that lets you do just that.

Sells for 99 cents in the Apple App Store. It will make it look like you just got a call from your mother, cousin or even President-elect Barack Obama-anyone you want. You can customize the caller name or number, decide when to receive the call, change the wallpaper for the caller ID and set the phone up to ring or vibrate.

Fake Calls does not actually initiate a call so no airtime charges apply. Magic Tap also says it will donate 10 percent of earnings from the application to several unspecified charities.

You have to hand it to Magic Tap for developing an app that is novel and useful, although you have to wonder if Fake Calls will end up being the perfect excuse or a source of never-ending paranoia on blind dates.